Dare to Play With Dinosaurs

Client: LEGO, Universal Studios
Agency: Dream Syndicate

Every fan of Legos dreams of seeing their creation come to life. It’s imagination, after all, that solidifies a small plastic bag of blocks into a skyscraper, a spaceship, or even a dinosaur. So with the release of the new Jurassic World: Dominion movie and a new series of Jurassic World-themed Lego sets, Lego and Universal aimed to bring a little magic to the eponymous plastic bricks through the wonder of AR.

In collaboration with Rapport (New York, NY) and BRDG Studios (Philadelphia, PA), Dream Syndicate led the design and development of a larger-than-life Web AR experience. Dare To Play With Dinosaurs features a custom-designed UI and three animated 3D Lego sets placed in the user’s real-world environment. Each 3D scene is true to the Lego product, carefully modeled and textured to match the real thing – but with these dinos roars are included! 

During the two week mall installation, a sign for each of the three Lego sets was placed around a large fabricated T-Rex. Upon scanning the QR code on each sign, the Lego dinosaur scene came to life in front of you! Users could experience the Dilophosaurus escaping its cage, the Velociraptor saving its captured young, or the mighty T-Rex breaking free from its enclosure.

Photo if you dare! Users were able to take a photo with each Lego dinosaur to show they dared to play with dinosaurs.

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