Augmented Reality at FDIC
Client: MSA
Agency: Smith Brothers

Still hot from the previous years’ FDIC success, Smith Brothers came back to us to follow it up with an even bigger bang.  To add flash and sizzle throughout we augmented the entire convention booth.  AR badges were designed and affixed to five cutting-edge MSA products, which via the magic of Augmented Reality showcased product details, safety features, videos, 360 views of firefighters wearing or using the product, and link outs to more information.  Booth panels were also augmented, animating and revealing videos along with product information, to create an all encompassing experience no matter where the viewer was.  Attendees were handed pre-loaded iPads and invited to explore the booth at-will, uncovering experiences along the way.

Because of the variety of materials and sizes of the safety equipment and firefighter gear we determined that creating physical AR badges was the best, and most seamless way to augment the products.  Through extensive testing we designed customized, unique AR triggers to anchor the experience for each piece of equipment.  This allowed for ease of use and a consistent type of experience for the booth attendee – and eliminated the need to alter the products in any way.  It also offered the greatest amount of flexibility for on-site for setup and layout of the booth.  Each AR experience was designed and animated as a HUD overlay – floating in real-world space, tethered to the AR badge.  Augmented panels were image-based, and animated the printed material away to reveal more messaging and videos.

A resounding success again, MSA saw the lion’s share of convention attendee engagement for another year.  This time, however, the end of the convention was only the beginning of the MSA AR experience.  The app and equipment badges were distributed to the MSA sales and training force for ongoing usage in the field.

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