Rawlings MACH Hi-Viz AR Portal


Rawlings changed the game with their new Mach Hi-Viz softball batting helmet and fielder’s mask, so naturally they came to us for a game changing XR promotion for the product launch.

The challenge for Rawlings was communicating the benefits of this new product to consumers in an ever-increasing digital marketplace. For this product specifically, seeing really is believing. The Hi-Viz masks offer a larger viewing window with 30%+ improved visibility over traditional masks, BUT how do you really showcase these benefits to online consumers?


Our team had a few ideas, to say the least. We developed multiple creative concepts and strategies for both in-store and online promotions. Ultimately Rawlings agreed that our social AR strategy was the best fit and we began work on the Rawlings Mach Hi-Viz AR portal.


Our team shot on-location with a 360° camera to capture a real-life field as the basis of the immersive portal. We then shot, also on-location, a pitcher on greenscreen to composite into the 360° scene. We designed and modeled a 3D doorway for users to enter into the experience leaning on typical softball field elements – chain link fence, metal poles, padding, etc.. and designed UI elements to enable users to access all of the features. All of the elements were brought together in development on the SparkAR platform – designed and delivered for launch as a world-space filter on Rawling’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.


This AR activation, all concepted, designed, and developed in-house, opens a virtual doorway that enables users to step into the batter’s box of a real-life softball field, virtually try on the Mach Hi-Viz helmet, and see for themselves just how much better their visibility can be. A simple tap on the screen toggles between a traditional mask and the new Mach Hi-Viz face mask, and on the mound is a real-life pitcher, waiting to toss a fastball over the plate. But for those who want to see how the Mach Hi-Viz feels on their home turf another simple tap puts you back in your real-world surroundings.

Whether you’re shopping at home, or want to try out this new helmet on your home field before purchasing, the Rawlings Mach Hi-Viz AR portal is an immersive and fun way to connect with consumers, and an ideal solution for virtually visualizing this game changing new product.


MACH Hi-Viz AR Portal


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